Howard University’s WHUR Radio was the birthplace of Melvin Lindsey’s Quiet Storm, an imaginative mix of unadulterated soul music from the masters of R&B.

Melvin’s playlists were copied by countless radio stations but the true sound of The Quiet Storm could never be duplicated. Now you can hear soul music the way Melvin played it, 23 hours a day, 7 days a week on The Quiet Storm Station. Occasionally you’ll even hear Melvin Lindsey’s satin voice between songs, but only right here on The Quiet Storm Station, where The Quiet Storm can be heard day or night.

Join WHUR Radio’s signature News and Information program The Daily Drum hosted by Harold Fisher from 7pm to 8pm, Monday through Friday, for an informative hour of News and Insight relevant to the Black community on The Quiet Storm Station.

 Over 40 years of excellence

One day in 1976 on the campus of Howard University, the nation’s largest historically black institution of higher learning, the professional radio disc-jockeys went on strike at WHUR 96.3 FM, the university’s commercial radio station. A shy student intern named Melvin Lindsey was given the task of hosting a live radio shift to fill the dead air. Quietly shaking in his platform shoes, armed with only the albums from his basement, and no DJ experience to his name, he did it. Without a playlist, Melvin worked with what he had and mixed his satin voice with album cuts from the soul artists he listened to in the solitude of his basement.

Melvin’s soothing voice had a thunderous impact on the emotions of his audience. His listeners fell in love with his voice and were moved to almost ecstasy when they came face to face with his smooth sound on their radio speakers. His listeners turned down the lights, curled up on the edge of their beds and watched the radio to hear his voice while anticipating the depth of the next song he would play. Melvin was a radio music designer. He used music to tell a story and weave a tapestry of sound that words could not describe. Read more...

The Hosts: Past and Present

  • Melvin Lindsey

  • Bob Thomas

  • Chris James

  • Jeff Brown

  • Mansy Pullen

  • John Monds

  • Alvin Jones

  • Derek Davis

  • Kevin "Slow Jammin" James

  • MyKe Julius

  • Don Robers

  • The Voice of the Quiet Storm

  • Angela Stribling